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Keltgen Wheel designs and builds custom agricultural wheels for farmers, tire shops, and equipment dealers. Keltgen Wheel's previous website had limitations with its informational and navigational website structure, making it difficult for the users to understand what Keltgen Wheel offers and how they can navigate the website to gain critical insights to make a decision.
Lead marketing and design was the main project lead. Lead developed a clear content structure for the website with Keltgen Wheel's website goals at the core of each web page section. I then translated the content into a UI/UX for each web page. The purpose of each page was to create visually pleasing elements that communicated movement, customization, technicality, skillfulness, and a bold, strong feel—the user experience aspect aimed to inform and guide users to critical sections and pages on the website.
As a result, visitors now experience an engaging journey that aligns with Keltgen Wheel's brand identity, leaving a lasting impression and encouraging increased user interaction and exploration.