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Cunningham Seed Farms faced challenges in reaching and connecting with potential customers and distributors because Cunningham needed a functioning website where farmers and businesses could search and find relevant information to make informed purchases. The absence of an online presence hindered the company's visibility to prospective clients.
Lead marketing and design was the main project lead. Lead Marketing developed a clear content structure for the website. The project goal was to be designed with the needs of farmers and Ag businesses, offering easy navigation and comprehensive product information. It should showcase the wide variety of seeds and products provided by Cunningham Seed Farms, along with detailed descriptions and specifications.
The website achieved its primary goal of providing easy navigation and comprehensive product information. Cunningham Seed Farms' wide variety of seeds and products were showcased with detailed descriptions and specifications, enhancing the user experience and facilitating informed decision-making for potential customers. With a well-designed and content-rich website, Cunningham Seed Farms positioned itself as a reliable and go-to resource.